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Saskatchewan Winery Finds Gold.

Okay, tell me why is a little farm in Northern Saskatchewan wining 4 gold medals at the All Canadian Wine Championships. Especially when their main source of income is selling harvest equipment. It all began 2013 when Genevieve Greif and Will Stafford became the authorized dealer in Canada for the Joanna line of berry harvesters manufactured by Weremczuk FMR of Poland. Their name Forest Fringe Orchards located North East of Prince Albert.

Growing up on a farm in east central Saskatchewan, Genevieve’s love of nature and the outdoors lead to a 25 year career as a Resource Officer and Ecologist with the Provincial Government. That same love of nature and the outdoors now finds Genevieve busy in the fruit orchards putting her farming roots to work producing the fresh fruit for customers and the kitchen. Genevieve’s creative side and taste for good food also keeps her busy in the kitchen turning the orchards’ produce into a variety of preserves, baked goods, and more recently crafting specialty fruit wines.

Growing up in Southern Ontario’s orchard and winery region and being educated in horticulture and vita culture, it was his ambition to develop a winery. He just didn't know that it would happen in Saskatchewan. To support the farm through all the growing years, Will provides services as a GIS / Spatial data consultant and has consulted all over North America in that capacity.

The orchard began with a small block of Saskatoon berry bushes planted in 2003. Since that time, a variety of other fruits have been added to cover almost 60 acres. The various blocks of fruit are interspersed amongst kilometres of shelterbelt trees and natural wetlands.

They started producing wines in 2016. Genevieve's skills as a wine make blossomed 2017 they winning 4 medals at  the "InterVin International Wine Awards". Genevieve won the awards for her; Cherry, Red Currant, Golden Raspberry and Apple wines.

In 2018 Genevieve won a Gold (Haskap) and Bronze (Strawberry Rhubarb) from the All Canadian Wine Championships.

In 2019 Genevieve won 2 Double Golds (Cherry and Red Raspberry) and 1 Gold (Cherry Vanilla) from the All Canadian Wine Championships.

The answer of course is desire, passion and hard work.

Prince Albert is 145kms north of Saskatoon.

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