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Everything Wine Fest

My dear wife Barbara and I had the pleasure of attending the Everything Wine Fest (sponsored by Everything Wine) at the Langley Convention Centre on Sept 13th. It was a splendid event. When you walk up to the reception desk and the ladies know your name its the start of a grand evening.

There were 33 tasting stations most set up in a 4 sided polygon providing plenty of room for the huge crowd and easy access to the different tables. There were 33 tasting tables in total with wines from around the world as well as many BC wineries.

Our first stop was at the Appellations Wine Table were we tasted the Calliope Figure 8 red and white produced by Borrowing Owl. Two good wines

Next came Bordertown with its impressive line up of wines and a young lady (Jen)who understood the concept of winning hospitality. We had a delightful time tasting their fine wines and chatting. The Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc very impressive. Tip of the hat to their winemaker Daniel Bontorin.

Our next stop was Clos Du Soleil representing the Similkameen Valley. You must try their Capella, 2104 Celestiale and their Fume Blanc. Clos du Soleil's Fumé Blanc is a full-flavoured, aromatic take on Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon.

Also from the Similkameen Valley was Robin Ridge providing a most enjoyable Chardonnay. Keep your eye on this winery in 2019.

Next we stopped to try the wines from Wild Goose one of BC's most popular wineries. All their selections met our expectations or exceeded them. The Autumn Gold - golden indeed! The Riesling is exceptional as was the Merlot

Right next to them was Volcanic Hills Estate proving a nice warm greeting by Alana and a wonderful Pinot Gris.

From the Naramata Bench there was Lang Vineyards. They poured a very good Gewürztraminer that Barbara really liked. Their white blend Bravo Whisper also has a nice fruity flavour. They also had a nice Rose Sparkling wine.

Mark Simpson winemaker from Artisan food and Beverage Group was their pouring wines. Mark makes wines at the BC Wine Studios crush pad facilities in Okanagan Falls. You will also find him consulting for and producing wine for a number of BC wineries. You might say Mark has a wealth of experience and is in demand.

Mark's own label is Siren's Call he served us a very nice Viognier and Malbec.

Road 13 named Winner of the year at the all Canadians was there! What a line up of wines they have. The Blind Creek Viognier extremely good!

We also enjoyed the Kalala Organic Estate Winery Pinot Gris.

We were happy to see Haywire at the event. They winery produces some excellent wines. Try their Switchback Organic Vineyard Pinot Gris,

If you enjoy sparkling wines you will be impressed by Haywires' The Bub and Fitzpatrick Brut Reserve,

The next table where the reception was amazing and wines presented were also impressive Indigenous Wine World. The 2017 Gewürztraminer most impressive! Loved the Hee-Hee-Tel-Kin white blend and their chardonnay.

Was their food yes there was quite the feast actually, well done Everything Wine.

An interesting feature of the event was how the tables were set up. You had the winery tables, the distributor tables, Sparkling wine table, entertaining tips, 90 plus wines. Quite the event!

I stopped at the Sparking wine table. Where I was guided through a very nice presentation of different styles of sparkling wine. Sadly I have to admit a imported wine Santa Margherita Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG was my chose.

One of the tables that provided a lasting impression was the Moraine table represented by a charming knowledgeable lady Laurie Robertson of Kis Consulting, serving outstanding wines. Moraine is definately a winery to keep your eye on along with Bordertown.

Over all what impressed us the most was the friendly knowledgeable people serving the wines.

Thank you Everthing Wines a wonderful evening!

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