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Robert's Selections reflects wines we have enjoyed in our home in 2021, visiting friends, or dining out. Our selections are based on a glass or more of each wine in enjoyable surroundings. These are wines we recommend for your enjoyment; not every bottle we open will make this list, only the best!

Backyard Vineyards - 2019 Simple Social Viognier

Starts with a floral aroma with hints of mango. Followed by favours of peaches and light mineral tones 90

Skaha Vineyards - Impulsion 2016

A very nice blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc. Featuring aromas of black cherry, raspberry and ripe plum. Followed by notes of creme brule, espresso and with dark 
chocolate extending into the finish 96. 

Skaha Vineyards - Flying Change 2016

A very nice port-style wine 100% merlot age 22 month in French Oak. Flavours of black licorice and dark fruits. 93

Mt Boucherie 2019 Pinot Gris

Excellent smooth and fresh. It shows a darker colour from extended skin contact. Some nice fruit flavours including pear. 95

Black Market 2018 Secret Society

A very nice wine blend. That asks you to guess what the blend is. I do not know but the wine is good with refreshing fruit flavours 92

 Clos du Soleil - Célestiale 2017

An excellent  Bordeaux-style blend Merlot 38%, Cabernet Sauvignon 33% ,Malbec 13%,Cabernet Franc 13%, Petit Verdot 3%. It begins with a warm aroma of cherries with hints of blackberries. On the palate the wine is well balanced with fruit flavours abounding, raspberry and blueberry hints of cherry. On the finish it evokes a sensation of warmth 95.

Ruby Blues Merlot / Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

spice, blackberry flavours with a long and complex finish and firm tannins. A crowd pleaser 93

Ruby Blues Forever Young Riesling 2019

A very nice wine. It starts with welcoming aroma reminds of fresh cirtus fruits. On the pallet, Apricot, with hints of pear and pineapple. 96

Corcelettes Merlot 2017

Made from two are, all self-rooted in the Similkameen Stemwinder soils. Two different clones, 181 and 184, add to the wine's complexity. Despite been a 2017 it taste young with soft tannins. Fruit flavours are intense with a mixture of dark berries. 93

Serendipity Winery - Next Step 2015

A very nice blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir. The wine is highlighted by hints of coco. 90

Seaside Pearl Charlotte Estate Petite Milo 2019

A fresh light wine with notes of honey and citrus on the palette, finishing with tropical aromas of guava and pineapple. 94

Seaside Pearl 2018 Fraser Gold Unoaked Chardonnay!

a very nice unoaked, light wine with a lovely golden colour. Bursting with citrus flavours 93

Seaside Pearl Cabernet Franc 2018

What a Cab Franc should be. Wonderful flavours of black cherry, ripe raspberry, black currant .92

Church and State Winery -Marsanne 2017

A perfect golden colour. Aromas of fresh apricot, dried orange peel, and honeycomb, finishing off with nuts and fruit flavours 90

Narrative 2017 Gewürztraminer:

A fresh easy drinkable wine. Silky smooth. Nice lemon line flavours. 93

Okanagan Crush Pad The Bizou + Yukon Savvy Gris 2019

Wow what flavours It starts with wonderful notes of Honeysuckle followed by lemon line, pear, hints of apple and more A must buy wine. 93


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