Between the Lines Family Estate

991 Four Mile Creek Road

Located in the four mile creek area of the Niagara region you can find the unique winery Between the Lines. The winery is owned by two brothers Greg and Yannick Wertisch. The Wertisch family came to Canada in 1998 and started the winery in 2010 one year after bottling their first wine. The winery is located between Line 5 Road and Line 6 Road thus the name.

The two brothers are willing to test their abilities both in the vineyard and in the wine making process. Greg formalized his winemaking education with a degree in International Wine Economics from Geisenheim University in Germany. Greg wrote "I knew I was destined for winemaking when I took a break from the family business to study microbiology. I learned there that my place was not in a windowless basement but rather outside on the farm, among the vines."

Yannick started making wine in high school and formalized his passion by studying winemaking and viticulture at Niagara College followed by LVWO at Weinsberg in Germany. He wrote "Growing up on our family vineyard in Niagara, I grew passionate about the idea to design, finance, and build my own winery with my brother Greg. We explored regions across the globe and chose Niagara-on-the-Lake for the potential we saw in its soil. 

I absorbed Niagara viticulture and developed a winemaking process that celebrated the region and its grapes. I used the Niagara grape to combine the best of two worlds, old-world winemaking traditions and new world innovation, and created something original to put our stamp on the region.

When visiting the winery you will be looking for the big red barn. The wineries main line of wine is Red Barn . They produce additional wines including Sparkling and Icewine. They introduce Canad's first sparking wine in a can called Origin.

They also produce the Bob Zumi label wines. A dollar from every bottle sold goes to the Bob Zumi's Fishing Forever Foundation.

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