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Ex Nihilo Vineyards Inc.
Ex Nihilo Vineyards Inc.

Arrowleaf Cellars

1574 Camp Road
Lake Country, BC V4V 1K1

Arrowleaf Cellars

Arrowleaf Cellars is a family-owned winery established by Joe and Margrit Zuppiger along with son Manuel Zuppiger. Dairy farmers in Switzerland , and then Alberta , Josef and Margrit Zuppiger and their family moved to their north Okanagan vineyard in 1996

Located north of Kelowna on the 50th parallel, overlooking Lake Okanagan. Lake Okanagan is at its deepest here, dropping 240 metres (800 ft) to the bottom. The moderating effects of this significant body of water allow the vineyard to ripen varieties such as Pinot Gris and Merlot on the northern most reaches of grape production. Currently 60% of the wine is white.

The vineyard is situated on a westerly slope and consists of well-drained gravelly glacial till and sandy loam soil.  The high altitude and proximity to the lake gives the vineyard a moderate climate with a long frost-free period, allowing the grapes to hang on the vines well into October. 

The winery was named after the indigenous wildflower, Arrowleaf Balsam root, which paints the hillsides yellow every spring. It became the city of Kelowna's official flower in 2001, the same year their first vintage. The Arrowleaf Balsam root has also been dubbed the Okanagan Sunflower.

They receive the 2015 Award of Excellence from the SICA Commercial Building Awards for their new tasting room and barrel cellar

They specialize in clean, crisp and aromatic whites with such wines as Bacchus,  a Riesling - Sylvaner- Mueller-Thurgau cross and Zweigelt. Production (2111) is about 8000 cases including a Special Select Late Harvest Vidal

A new varietal label to look for in the Okanagan in about 2021 Arvine, a Swiss white grape that was planted in 2017 by Arrowleaf Cellars.

Winemaker: Manuel Zuppiger
Philosophy: Clean crisp cool climate wines

Blind Tiger Vineyards

11014 Bond Road
Lake Country
BC V4V 2H4

Blind Tiger Vineyards

Blind Tiger was an establishment where you could party and buy alcohol during prohibition. Jerry and Charlene Wowchuk have their property sitting on the ridge between the villages of Okanagan Centre and Winfield in Lake Country since 2007.

Blind Tiger’s on-site farming operation includes approximately 3.5 planted acres expected to produce approximately 14 tons of grapes annually at full capacity. The vineyard was first planted in 2010 with Riesling and Gewürztraminer adding Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

The farming operation received its Organic Certification from the North Okanagan Organic Association in 2013. Karnail Sidhu, proprietor of Kalala Winery in West Kelowna is the consulting winemaker.


Ex Nihilo Vineyards Inc.

1525 Camp Rd
Lake Country, BC V4V 1K1

Ex Nihilo Vineyards Inc.

Ex Nihilo debuted in 2008 by enlisting The Rolling Stones rock band as a partner in a brand of icewine called Sympathy for the Devil, the title of one of the band’s most famous songs.

A 14 acre property located on the southwestern facing slope that overlooks the beautiful Lake Okanagan. This vineyard, due to the effects of its microclimate, slope and soils, is considered one of the best sites in the world to produce premium icewine. The Rolling Stones Icewine is crafted in limited quantity from grapes grown exclusively from this site. The wineries name comes Frederick Hart’s ‘creation’ sculpture, Ex-Nihilo. Ex Nihilo translation, a Latin word meaning 'out of nothing

There is a very nice 8000 sq ft Mediterranean style winery and tasting room designed by Jeff Harder. Ex Nihilo specifically designed the tasting room to showcase local artists. The connection between wine and art is evident throughout the valley, and Ex Nihilo has established itself as a premiere destination for fine wine and fine art. 

Jeff and Decoa Harder run Ex Nihilo with partners from Alberta, Jay and Twila Paulson

The first time we walked this steep, untouched 10-acre property we saw the great potential to create a special place. It wasn’t just the landscape’s splendour that spoke to us - it was also the soil, the climate, and the southwestern facing slope that overlooked the beautiful Lake Okanagan. That was the day that we committed to the dream of creating wines that reveal the true beauty and essence of this unique hillside we now call Ex Nihilo.

Wines include Merlot,Riesling, Pinot Noir Pinot Gris and Chardonnay

Winemakers: Marissa Neuner Consulting Winemaker Dr. Alan Marks. 

Gray Monk Estate

1055 Camp Road,
Okanagan Centre
Kelowna, BC V4V 2H4

Gray Monk Estate

Andre Peller Limited purchased Sept 2017

One of the most prestigious wineries in British Columbia with a proud history of producing quality wines. The winery was founded by George and Trudy Heiss. They began back in the 1970's and were leaders in establishing the BC Estate Winery program. The winery has a beautiful location on the slopes above the Okanagan Lake.

Gray Monk, which opened in 1982. In 1976, they were among the first - perhaps the first Okanagan growers - to import Pinot Gris, Auxerrois and Gewürztraminer vines to the Okanagan from an Alsace nursery. These remain some of Gray Monk's most important varieties. Today, however, the winery, either from family-owned vineyards or from contract growers, produces one of the largest portfolios of any BC producer.

The winery's initial vintages were made primarily by consultant Lynn Stark because George Jr. who became the winemaker was still at wine school in Weinsberg in Germany.

Latitude Fifty Series may be the wineries greatest commercial success launched in1991 A very affordable wine perfectly blended . Another popular wine is their Siegerrebe. The winery has a wide portfolio.

The popularity of the winery forced changes a brand new tasting room was build in 2009 styled like a European chateau. The Grapevine Restaurant holds numerous events and provides live entertainment in the summer

The winery produces about 80,000 cases a year. The flagship wine is Pinot Gris. The reserve label is Odyssey.

Winemaker: George Heiss Jr
Associate winemaker: Roger Wong

Intrigue Wines Ltd.

PO Box 41061 RPOS
Lake County, BC V4V 1Z7

Intrigue Wines Ltd.

The winery opened in 2009 is a combined adventure of Ross and Geri Davis , winemaker Roger Wong and his wife Jillian. The winery and vineyard is located near Wood Lake close to Oyma. They began in 2008 planting 6.9 hectares mostly with Riesling

The winery is named Intrigue because there is "something" about wine that can make us think about the vintage year, the vineyard, the soil and the people who made it.

The Lieutenant Governor’s Awards for Excellence in British Columbia Wines were established in 2015.

Winemakers: Roger Wong
Philosophy : is to retain as much of the fruit character as possible in the wine by using cool fermentations and minimal handling

O’Rourke Family Vineyards 

14551 Carrs Landing Road,
Lake Country

O’Rourke Family Vineyards 

The O’Rourke wineries – there are two licenses – are owned by Dennis O’Rourke of Edmonton O'Rourke was founder of Sureway in 1973, nurturing the company from modest beginnings in water and sewer construction into one of Western Canada’s leading construction contractors.

The first winery is on Carrs Landing Road. There will be 100 acres planted (probably 80 now) on a long slope facing south, with a view of Okanagan Lake – much like the 50th Parallel vineyard. The biggest planting is Pinot Noir. Winemaker Adrian Baker made trial lots of wine in 2015 and  small commercial volumes in 2016. There is an extensive barrel cellar tunnelled into granite at the top of the vineyard. By 2020 there will be a major winery and hospitality building perched just on top of the cellar.

The second winery  will open this spring at 2290 Goldie Road, Lake Country (across the street from Intrigue). It is small and will specialize in aromatic whites. The winery will also have a different name, which has not yet been settled.

The Goldie Road facility, which has a tasting room, is big enough to make wine for both wineries until the second opens

Known to be a generous corporate and community citizen, Dennis prefers to keep a low profile while donating both time and money to numerous educational and charitable organizations and causes. These include the Alberta Cancer Foundation, Notre Dame College, The Alberta Heart Institute, the University Hospital Foundation, STARS, CNIB, University of Alberta, Capital Care Foundation, Kids for Cancer, YMCA, and many others. Dennis and his wife Elizabeth are pleased to make a home in Edmonton. He shares his passion for sports with his 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

Winemakers: Adrian Baker
Philosophy :

O’Rourke’s Peak Cellars

2290 Goldie Road
Winfield, British Columbia



Orginal Name Chase wines

The O’Rourke wineries – there are two licenses – are owned by Dennis O’Rourke of Edmonton. O'Rourke was founder of Sureway in 1973, nurturing the company from modest beginnings in water and sewer construction into one of Western Canada’s leading construction contractors.

This is the O'Rourke family second winery. They  spent millions of dollars digging a cavern below the bedrock in Carr’s landing — just to be unique.

The vineyard has 180 acres of vines that were planted on the property 2013.

Winemakers: Adrian Baker
Philosophy :

50th Parallel Estate Winery

17101 Terrace Road
Winfield, BC

Located in Lake Country near Carr's Landing north of Kelowna. Curtis Krouzel and Sheri-Lee Turner-Krouzel are the Founders and forceful Management Team of 50th Parallel Estate. Grant Stanley formerly winemaker at Quails Gate is an investor, partner and winemaker.

The property has 51 acres. The major plantings in the 30-acre vineyard are seven Dijon clones of Pinot Noir. The 50 th Parallel vineyard also has blocks of Pinot Gris, Riesling and Gewürztraminer

The winery opened in 2014. In 2018 a restaurant is expected to open as part of a $5 million expansion being completed at the winery.

winemaker: Matt Fortuna

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