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Twenty Valley Cider Trail

A number of Niagara wineries are now producing cider. Cider can be made at wineries without getting a different license. In Niagara-on-the-Lake, some of the wineries producing cider include Niagara College Teaching Winery (Cider 101), Small Talk Vineyards (Shiny Apple Cider), Sunnybrook (Ironwood Cider).

Five cideries in the Twenty Valley area of Niagara participate in an unofficial “cider trail”. Cardholders can visit five wineries to sample their cider:

Fielding CiderFielding Estate Winery (Dry Hard Cider) Resstone ciderRedstone Winery (Sparkling Cider)

Rood CiderCreekside Estate Winery (Rood Apples Cider) Vieni CiderVieni Estates Wine & Spirits (Sparkling Apple Cider).

Tawse cider
Tawse Winery (Medium Dry Cider and “Spark” Cider


(In)Cider Summer Social


Ontario Cider Fred Couch


It was a beautiful summer event after a day of rain and even hail on the Beamsville Bench. The five wineries on the cider trail came together at Fielding Estate Winery for an evening of cider, food and entertainment.

Pig Out Catering of St. Catharines provided the food – pulled pork on a bun, pulled chicken taco or a pulled pork parfait. An apple and ginger slaw was served on the side. With a souvenir cider glass we set out to try the different ciders. For the attendees who wanted an alternative to cider, each winery also served a wine to go with the food or sipping afterwards while listening to the music.

Singer Ryan Dafoe provides the entertainment for the evening

For its inaugural event, the (In)Cider Social was a wonderful evening which we hope will be repeated next year. The ciders where quite good with Vieni & Tawse leading the way. We also look forward to seeing more wineries producing ciders in the Twenty Valley.

Photos by © F.G. Couch            


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