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Ted - Krause Berry WInery - Langly Township
Ted - Krause Berry Winery - Langley Township

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This project began in 1992 following our honeymoon in Napa Valley. We felt that Canada's wine industry was challenging the old world wines yet no one was noticing. Despite awards being won in France, United Kingdom, and Germany, Canada was not getting the respect it deserved. Researchers, grape growers, vineyard managers and winemakers, not to forget the owners have worked extremely hard to make Canada a great wine producing nation. This website was developed to make the world aware of their successes. We hope you enjoy our efforts....


Ann and Murry Wilson - Oxley Winery Ontario
Ann and Murry Wilson - Oxley Winery Ontario


Wines of Canada was developed and designed by Robert (Bob) Bell of White Rock, British Columbia with the help of my wife Barbara in 1992. This is a personal website, we have no employees. We do not make or sell wine. Support is welcome as are suggestions and comments; should you see something that needs to be corrected please let us know. winebell@outlook.com


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